Monday, July 25, 2011

Picturelicious Post

Hi there, This will be a picturelicious post, with not much knitting content
so feel free to stop looking after the sock pictures....LOL.

I have been working on some socks, made out of Panda Silk.
Size 0 needles. Pattern: Swirls. Same pattern I used on the last socks.

I did try to find a new pattern, truly I did. But this pattern looks so
nice with this yarn....I'm not a dull knitter. I do like adventure
and different things...but this was perfect so why change perfection???

Not much knitting because it has been soooo hot. Trouble sleeping HOT.
I am not complaining. I love summer and everything that comes with it.

Our little Mickey can fall asleep anywhere. (yes he is sleeping, balancing
his paw on the vacuum).

Sitting in the bedroom window w/his head hanging...

and yet another head bobber on the chair....HUH ????

Here he is hanging out on the cool floor:

He is all furrrrr, and only weighs about 8 lbs....
Thanks for indulging my obsession w/my kitty.
He is so fun and so cute....

One day I decided to make peanut butter. Joey will not
eat store bought peanut butter, because of something
he saw on tv. (no gross details here, just imagine).

Well, I decided to make him some. Throw salted peanuts
in food processor, add some honey and a little olive oil and
wallah - peanut butter. Store in fridge. He LOVES it,
(so do I).

One warm (HOT) Saturday night,Joe, Joey and I took the
boat on the canal to Brockport. There is a place to tie up
the boat, and we can hop over the side and have wings
(and beer). YUMMY

Such a beautiful night.....

The ride back was a little more challenging because
of BUGS. They were smacking us in the face....

Joe and I had to block the bugs from the driver....LOL

We made it back safe and sound, and full of good food.

We also celebrated my brother, Joel's bday in my
blogging hiatis. He and Vicky made barbqued chicken
and a few very good cold salads. It was HOT that day
99ish out.

Tiff worked all weekend so had some much needed downtime.

My niece, Destiny, was there. Last time we will see
her till Christmas! She is soooooo fun.

Vicky is trying to keep the candles from blowing out.
No it was not windy, there was not a breath of air,
but the fans were going....LOL

Mom and dad were there and in rare form....

Joel and Vicky's dog Zeus...puppy. They say he is sooo bad
but he was a perfect gentleman when we were there....

Joe and Joey went fishing before they came to the party...
and of course Joey caught another HUGE walleye....

There you have it....the fun reasons why I haven't posted
in a while... Enjoy summer dear blog will be
over soon enough.............

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