Sunday, July 10, 2011


Summer is a time for reflection for me and my knitting.
Today I was thinking about my stash, which admittedly is very
large. When I buy yarn, it is usually for a specific project in mind,
then when I don't get to that project, the yarn sits there waiting for
me. I need to let go and realize that it's ok to move on and use the
yarn for something else. How do you feel about that?

I was also reflecting on the small shawls that are overtaking
Ravelry. All are lovely. But realistically a lot of them look alike!
I think the fun is in the actually knitting, and in the yarn choice.
What do you think?

I finished up the current socks today and they are lovely, and
thank goodness they are for me!

Swirls Pattern
Yarn by Kangaroo dyer (given to me by Martha at Christmas)

They need to be blocked then put away for cooler weather.

(Also I want - no I NEED - to make note that that is not
hair on my legs - it is freckles! My legs abound with them
this time of year!!!!)

I finished up yet another ruffle scarf.....two more to go before

Ruth is working on some really cool socks that use a
Berocco yarn with bling!

Last week Martha finished up an Ann Hanson shawl:
Les Abeilles pattern with Rozetti Polari yarn

Joe and Joey went fishing at Lake Erie today - two nice

Abbey posed for a picture...she was really hot! But so
patient with me while I focus and get just the right angle.

Mickey spends his time running from window to window
chasing birds.

and watching for Abbey when she is outside.

This is the bathroom window...he jumps up that
high from the floor!

Isn't his tail glorious!

Have a wonderful week dear blog readers....enjoy the
heat....November will be here soon enough!


Anonymous said...

The Kangaroo socks are great. What is the pattern? The combination of the yarn and pattern are very beautiful. Nice.

Connie said...

The pattern is Swirls, purchased at Loopey Ewe. There is a link to it in the blog article. thank you for your kind comments.