Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Knitting Emergency

So on Thursday I received an invitation to a baby shower for Joe's
niece, who apparently is 8 months pregnant...who knew? The
shower is on Aug 19th. My brain went into overdrive and I decided
I needed to order some Plymouth Encore and make a quick Baby
Surprise Jacket. Friday morning at 6:00 am I hopped on line and
ordered the yarn from Webs. I added a comment "Please ship
today if possible". About 11:00 Friday morning I get a call from
Webs. A very nice woman was asking me if I wanted to upgrade
to expedited shipping. I said no, I put that on there in case someone
saw it and could get it in the mail. I used to work in a call center with
a warehouse in the same bldg, so I know what can/cannot be done.
They are all pretty similar. I said I have never put down I needed
fast shipping before, and I could not afford the yarn as well as the
expedited shipping so if they could make an exception and mail
today I would really appreciate it. She explained to me their process,
and it usually ships within 3-5 days from date of placing order. I
explained that I understood all of this. I also mentioned that in the
time it took her to call me and explain all of this, she could have
made a quick call to the Warehouse, they could have pulled the
3 balls of yarn, stuck my label on and it would have been out of the
door. I also explained that they are my primary store to shop from
and I had spent a considerable amount of $$ there this year.
(I was very nice in all of my explanations and so was she). She asked
me to hold and when she came back, she said the yarn would be
shipped on Friday and I should not expect that again. I told her I
wouldn't but I had a bit of an emergency. The yarn arrived Monday
in the mail. YEA! I am going to have to knit like a madwoman this week
to get this thing done in time. After I hung up with her, I realized she
must think I'm a nut case. What kind of yarn emergency required all of that
fuss? That's when it hit me. I bet she was working in a yarn store, but
did not knit.

Otherwise, she would have totally got it! No pictures to share
from me this week. I am making good progress on the current sock.
All projects are on hold till I get this sweater done.

Ruth is about done with her socks, (probably is done at time of this post).
Don't you love the colors of the yarn!

Martha took a sweater pattern and totally revamped it and made a really
wonderful sweater for Emma.

Martha's own words:

I am done with Emma's sweater. I love it, and love all my adjustments for the yarn, which just included lots of shaping in the arms, shoulders and boobies. I am very proud of that. In the back the tie kind of rolling a la knitting. But that was not my fault, it was how it was designed. I also put the keyhole for the waist ties to go through. And reduced a lot of the detailing (lace) which was poorly placed and with the bulk of the yarn I needed to do that. Overall I think this pattern was poorly written. The original yarn was mohair and loosely knit, and Emma did not want that hairiness so we chose this, also at the WEBS sale for $40.00. Ok, details include the Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel, pattern Airy Wrap-Around Lace Sweater, yarn called Queensland collection Kathmandu Chunky.

Martha this is wonderful! She has really started to do a lot
of her own designing and revamping of patterns....

Have a great week dear blog readers.

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