Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Good Week to Knit

Fall is in the air...and it's still August...what is going on? It didnt turn
to summer till beginning of July here in Western NY. I fear our pool
will not recover its warmth enough this year to swim.

Remember the Baby Surprise Jacket I had to hurry up and knit for
Joe's niece? Well I knit on it for four days, and had to rip, it was
turning out way too big on worsted weight yarn.

So I looked at the pattern and went for the middle size
and it was a good choice.

The color is more of a teal blue...nice for a little boy I

The size is probably 18-24 months or so - hoping it will
fit him next spring.

I had trouble finding cute buttons, and finally decided
on these kitty ones.

The new mom sent me a thank you note tha said
"I can't believe you made me a sweater - I will keep
it forever" = WIN

This week I decided I needed something a little challenging.
I have wanted to make a beret to go with the Scalene scarf I
made to wear to Rhinebeck.

I ended up picking the Textured Tam from 60 Quick Knits.
I wanted to use up Shelter yarn.

The pattern would look better in blue with gray trim, but
I had more gray left.

Also, Ravelers said the hat was small, so I added one
19 stitch repeat, and repeated rows 9-12 two times.
I want it more of a beret, floppy on top - crossing
my fingers it works. Should easily be able to finish
this up this week.

Ruth has been busy making another pair of socks for her
SIL Liz. By the this this post is done, she willprobably be
done with the socks - very nice!!

Martha has just finished up a baby blanket and is currently
working on a sweater for a new niece. Pictures next week.

What else is going on? (aka why haven't I been posting? )

I turned 50 back in July....Tiffany was kind enough to get a picture
with the two of us.

Mickey turned one year old - I love that little kid!

Tiffany and I attended Christina's wedding
(long time friend of Tiffany)

Felicia had her baby (last pink BSJ baby) and brought her
for a visit.

Meet Paetyn Caroline

Here is Felicia and Paetyn:

This weekend, we had Joey's 23rd birthday. End of summer

I have to go to drastic measure to keep my family out of
the food before company arrives. Note on the mac salad
in the fridge:

LOL - it worked!

Joel and Vicky came:

I love this picture of mom and dad:

Abbey was in her glory. Neighbors had a party also so
she was running back and forth between the two houses
getting handouts.

Have a wonderful week dear blog readers...and stay warm....
and if any of you were hit by Irene, god bless you.

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