Sunday, October 30, 2011


I stayed very focused on the blue socks this week and
finally have them done. It's not that I did not like
the pattern, I did very much. And the yarn, the two
were perfect for each other. It's just that I used the same
pattern for the last socks I made and I was really over it.
Pattern: Swirls
Yarn: Panda Silk

Managed to get a little bit of a start on Betty's
Bella Mittens. They are her Christmas Present.
I'm ready to start thumb on 1st one.

Managed to get three "Just Enough Ruffles"
scarves blocked....

I now need one more...ugh x 1000000

Ruth has done some spinning....
and guess who is helping her sort...Lucy!

so so cute######

Ruth's words:

On the wheel is a mix of wool, mohair, and alpaca with a little gold glitz. It is the fall harvest colorway from Persimmon Tree Farm. It is spinning like a dream.

The photo of the two skeins is more spinning. This is from memory. I can't find the info at the moment......the green is from Creatively Dyed Yarn. I can't remember the colorway. It is merino, cashmere, and silk. Divine and squishy! I'm not sure what the blue is. Some kind of exotic mix that was a lot of fun to spin and is nice and soft.

Joey shot another deer with his bow, a really
nice 6-point....

can I brag about my camera for a is
pitch black out when I'm taking these pictures.

My three "kids" were all riding their toys today - so
nice outside

I want a toy they had so much fun....LOL

I thought this picture of Tiffany was especially cute:

and speaking of cute:

have a knitful week...tis the season....

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