Monday, November 21, 2011


Countdown is on to the start of the holiday season.
My holiday knitting is almost complete, I think I will
make the necessary deadlines. This week, I needed a Linklittle "me" knitting. I started the Pashima Cowl that is
in the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book.
I am using
the wonderful yarn Ruth got me for Christmas last
year - Louise Harding Grace - Silk and Wool in my
favorite color - teal. Not picture worthy yet, but let
me tell you, this is not a quick knit. Rows and rows of
stockinette - round and round and round and round
of brainless knitting - yea! I tried a few patterns
before deciding on the stockinette, but they took away
from the softness of the yarn.

Ruth did some very nice spinning this week:

A very pretty silk and merino blend from Rhinebeck.

Martha finished up her BSJ and made a hat and
booties to match:

her description:
This is a Baby Surprise Jacket
with some yarn Ann donated to me. And the booties are from sock ends.
that is Greemy Baby Booties which I got off line--Ravelry-- but they
forwarded me onto Blue Prings patterns. Designed by Machelle Salmeen.
The hat is Merino hand dyed, and the pattern is Quick and Easy Baby
Hat. I would agree with that. I made it is less than an evening.

Wednesday I am spending the day with Tiffany making
pies and rolls. We might go to the Pottery store if there
is time.

Ruth is making rolls for Thanksgiving at her in laws, and
Martha is enjoying having EmmaLouise home.

We are all enjoying our inner domestic goddess this
time of year##$%^^&.

Happy Knitting

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