Monday, February 13, 2012

Makin in Work

I am done with the gold sock, and I'm loving it.
I love the way it looks and the way it feels.

Reminder, it is Wendy Johnson's toe up, short
row heel. I used my own pattern "swirls".
In a better picture next week, I'll show you how
the swirl seemed to start from the short row - this
is total coincidence....I'm not that creative of a planner!
I had enough yarn that I could have made another
swirl pattern before starting the ribbing, but it looks
and works ok with 2.5 inches of ribbing. The 2nd sock
is started.

Yesterday morning, I was starting the heel of the
KAL sock and I was not having fun. Knitting is supposed
to be fun, right? So I thought to myself Self: why not just
throw a short row heel in there, and knit down the foot.
You can still have the leg patterning and it could be a win/
win ! Self: Go for it! That is the pic of the green sock
above, the short row heel. Up close it does not look as
neat as the gold one, but I'm hoping blocking will take
care of some of that.

Better pics of both next week.

Is making Embossed Leaves pattern sock from
Favorite socks book. I got to see it in person this week and
it's really nice:

She whipped it up pretty fast!

The blue sock that is dyed by Kangaroo. It has glitter, nice colors
huh? The brown is left over from a hat I made Tom. I am making
fingerless gloves.

The final is the sweater, the combination of pink
bouche and the soft gray with the sequins.

This was a perfect weekend to be domestic--
snow !!

I did a lot of baking, and of course the knitting.
I did not have much time to knit during the week,
so the bulk of my stuff was done on Saturday
and Sunday morning.....

Have a wonderful, knitful, week.

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