Sunday, February 5, 2012


I made some progress on the KnitAlongSock this week.
(Well, only because I finally got to an easy part).

I do like the look of it, and the pattern really pops.
I'm ready to start the heel.

The gold sock has actually been fun. I wanted to learn
(AGAIN) to do a short row heel - it is so quick!

Notice mine has a few bigger holes than the picture.
I think my yarn is bigger, and I need to practice.

This is the 3rd time I did it. The first time, I added
some nylon, but it was too thick for the double wraps.

The 2nd attempt, a stitch fell off the needle and I had
to tink back 12 rows or so to recover.

I'm pretty happy with the 3rd attempt - I will get better.
I am going to put some easy patterning on the top, I have
to figure that out yet. Also, there is not aton of yarn,
so I don't think it will be very tall.

Ruth is making a nice Anne Hanson shawl, called Licole.

Yarn is Isager.

Martha is just thinking about a new project. She
did not send any pictures today. She told me about
a sweater she wants to make that will be lovely when

Some how this week,Mickey learned to jump on top of
the gun cabinet. We have not figured out how he is getting
up there yet.

There is never a dull moment with him!!

I'm going to find a pattern for the gold socks,
and settle in to watch TV.

Go Giants!!

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