Monday, May 28, 2012

Holiday Weekend

Happy Memorial Day!  It is nice to have an extra long weekend!

Saturday I had a lot of time to sit and knit on the sock I am making
for my friend Betty.

Pattern:  Dad's Easy Cable Socks
from Socks Socks Socks book.  Pattern calls for size 5 needles,
and larger yarn. But! It is a repeat of 8 stitches so it was easy
to size down.  I did the ribbing in size 1 needles, and the pattern
is in size 2 since it is not very stretchy.

I did the knit stitches in the ribbing "through the back loop" and it gave it a much
more defined look.  Wish it showed better.
Yarn:  Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select / Color Serengeti

I am loving both the yarn and pattern together.

Yesterday I started the 3rd color on Color Affection Shawl/Scarf for Tiffany.
 It is soooo addictive once that 3rd color is worked in....She wants more of a
scarf than a shawl, so I'm trying to size it down without losing the flavor of
the pattern.

Oh, and the reason I had so much time to knit on Saturday?
I had a little lawn sale.  I got up at 5:30 am, got laundry going,
got my stuff together and washed it all before taking it to the road.
It was all ready to go by 8:00 am.

I was selling birdhouse collection that I have had for 15 years or so....
since we redid the house, I want a change.  I sat there from 8-2:30 and had
4 customers.  Note I did not have "junk"  - no clothes, etc.
Two of the customers were my neighbors.  I did not expect everything to sell,
or everyone that stopped to buy something, but I did think people would stop!
Yesterday Joe and I packed it all up and took it to VOA. It is out of my house
and that was the main goal.  Oh the total take was $44.

Ruth finished up her latest socks.

The are K3P1 pattern. She used the strong heel.
Yarn is Madelinetosh Light - color:  Nebula.

They are really nice. Yarn is nice. We got the yarn when we went to Ithaca.
I still have mine in the stash.  It is really nice.  Yes, I know I just said that but
want to emphasize!  LOL

Martha is working on some new socks:
This is Lindsey socks from Sock Innovation.  Yarn is  Tufutsie - yellow and pink
for summer!!!  Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, Joe is staining the pool deck this weekend.  It needed it
3 years ago, but we never got it done before we opened the pool. I'm so
glad it is getting done this year...way past due!

My hand continues to heal slowly.  I asked the therapist if knitting was ok
and he said not really, just do it in short intervals of time if I do it at all. ugh! So I asked
the 2nd therapist, and he said it wouldn't hurt if I took breaks....guess which
one I listened to?????????????????????????????????

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