Monday, May 7, 2012

so beautiful....

outside....nice warm weather, but not too warm. Still cool enough to knit on wooly
projects.  I finished up the Elaine scarf today.  It is really nice. Schaeffer Elaine yarn,
in an array of fall colors.  It is 6 or 7 feet long....

Tiffany is modeling for me.  I'm not a fan of thick/thin yarn, but when I finally
figured out to just do a ribbing pattern, it behaved.

Size 11 needles.  I started out with a smaller needle, but it was too constricting.

This is the estatically happy face of a person who is graduating college in 6 days.
Tiffany has worked so very hard. Changed majors a couple of times, worked
through anatomy (several times), and never gave up.  One year she never knew
how she would get to school each day. Broke car, undependable ride....ugh...
but she did it...all by herself.  I am so proud of her!

Ruth finished up Moriya's socks and they are sooo cute. Note they are not

Martha is working on baby outfit.  Her words:
Sweater pattern:Betty Lou Lace Cardigan out of this Vintage Baby knits
  I think this is a 40's pattern. I am just casting on the garter stitch body band.
 I will then knit the arms with the same cuff.

I am using the left over Creatively Dyed yarn for the yoke. I almost
go crazy with delight over the colors of this dyer. It is hard to
give up the item when I am done with it. Anyways, true to my stash
rule, I am finishing with the glittery yarn for the body. The glitter
in the body is silver and in the maroon is gold. Hope the baby can
work with the clashing.

So fun!

I have started working on Martha's shawl. I am doing the easy stuff right now,
so going pretty quick.

Reminder: Martha came up with the idea that we would knit shawls for each other,
and it would be a secret until Rhinebeck.  Ruth said she is working on mine.
So fun!

Martha: I hope you like it!!

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