Monday, June 18, 2012


not much new to report here at Knitatation.  I have not done
much knitting because:
1.  It's summer and there are other things to do
2.  My hand still plagues me with numbness.

I am managing to keep up with the clues for the Through
the Loops mystery shawl.  I am currently on row 25 of
40 for clue 3.

Clue 3 is much more interesting to knit, and there are little flowers
developing in the pattern.

I am not much farther on Betty's socks.

Mickey continues to be adorable!


Ruth is almost done with her BSJ.  I think it's so cute the

way she chose to stripe it!  Louet Gems yarn, which is a
merino yarn.

Martha is working on some socks from a Cookie A Sock
Innovation Book pattern.  Yarn
is Shaffer.....

 I like them a lot....the detail is really nice, and a nice choice of yarn.

The three of us are starting Wendy's Summer Solstice shawl
this week....pattern comes out on Wednesday.

Have a wonderfully summery week.

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