Sunday, June 10, 2012


It is that time of year where the MiniShawl craze begins!  I blocked
Tiffany's Color Affection Scarf today.  Most people made a full size
glorious shawl, but she wanted something more scarflike, and I agreed
with her.  Making shawls is fun, but wearing them can prove to be


Color A - white - Cascade Alpaca Lace
Color B - gray -  Cascade Alpaca Lace
Color C - fuscia - Classice Elite Silky Alpaca Lace


For lace yarn, the Cascade was very splitty.

Needles - Size 2

As I mentioned last week, this was a very fun knit, and I would
love to make another one someday.

I also started the Through the Loops Mystery shawl.  As with
her mystery socks, I'm not that enthralled. I am hoping  the next
clue is better. We are currently on Clue 2.  I am using
Malabrigo Lace yarn, in denim blue, which is the only thing right
now making this project worth it.  I am continuing because I
think it's good to make some things different and step it up a little.
And, the funny part for me is, when she sells designs on her web
site, I always like them, so I am at a loss why her mystery designs
are so far off from the regular.....oh well!  No one is forcing me to
do this....

Ruth, Martha and I all signed up for WendyKnits Summer Solstice 
Mystery Shawl. First clue to come out June 20th.  I know I am
going to love her pattern...I always like her designs.

I am also plugging along on Betty's socks.  I am cruising down the
foot. Well cruising is not really a good word.  I am working on them
when I need something brainless. 

All three therapists told me not to knit to much. How much is too
much?  I think on the weekends I've been doing too much, but during
the week I don't knit much at all......

Ruth is currently working on a Baby  Surprise sock yarn.
She switched yarn since last week.  She decided the yarn was too
nice to have it spit up on ! LOLOLOL...I agree!

Martha is working on some really cools socks, but I don't have pictures

I love knitting in the summer - even as much as in the about you?

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