Sunday, August 12, 2012


I have been bored with my knitting this week. In my defense, Joe and I
are trying to exercise more, so I went to Zumba 3x and walked 2x at night.
I am currenty fixing a blip in Martha's can't show pictures, and
working on Betty's 2nd sock.

Last week I shared the link to Stephen West's Rockefeller Mystery
shawl, and shared that I won't be finishing mine. Looking at some of the
finished ones, they are truly amazing.  I like them a lot wrapped around
the neck.  Should I finish?  I don't know. I have not ripped yet. I would
like the final product, but would I wear it?

Ruth has had a wonderful knitting week:
This is her Scrappy sucky stripey cardi using left over sock yarns. Pattern on  Ravelry.

I love it and I love her buttons!

She has also been working on some booties:
Dino baby booties. Martha Stewart yarn. Pattern by Anna Trofimenko aka Pansyflower on Ravelry.

It has been quite rainy here, and I have been cooking and doing dishes all weekend.
Made a fun smores dessert on  Friday in honor of National Smores day!  It was
too sweet....

Have a fun week, dear blog readers, because that is what summer is all about!

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martha said...

connie I looked at the Stephen West shawl and it is cool, very cool. I an see why you like it. Kind of Egyptian don't you think? I think I might like to try it. Why did you stop it? Was it hard????