Sunday, August 5, 2012

The summer of the FROG

This will be known as the summer of the FROG, as in ripping ripping ripping.
I have finally finished up the first clue of the Stephen West shawl/scarf. The final
clue came out Friday, and I don't like it. Some people have their's done, and when
wrapped around the neck, it looks fab, but I don't think I'm going to continue.
check out these that are finished:

Several people feel the way I do, and several are making modifications.  I just don't think
it is "me".  I have a couple of nice patterns that call for two colors that I would like much

Ruth and I actually talked about how I can continue on and not lose what I have now,
but I think I would end up ripping anyway. 

I have started a new shawl for Martha, because I ripped out the one I had started for
her, it just wasn't doing anything for me.  Finally moving forward on Betty's second
sock, after ripping out the first one....

Ruth and Martha are making much better progress than I am.
Both are making a baby sweater out of sock scraps.  This is

Ruth's and she is MUCH further along now.  Don't you love it!

Here is Martha's...she is much further along, doing the buttonbands already"

I won't have much to share next week. I hope the sisters do!

Take care and have a knitful, cool week.

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