Sunday, October 14, 2012

Getting Ready

We are getting ready for Rhinebeck. Well, I was supposed to get ready today,
but I ended up doing a ton of other stuff....I was busy!  Washed the flannel sheets and got
them on the beds (they were already clean, but I refreshed them in the washer and
dryer), and then had to wash the summer sheets as well.  All in time for our summer
like weather today!  I have a plan to get  ready though.

Last Sunday, I started a pair of socks in the Lorna Laces temperature control
yarn.  I like it a lot. The ribbing is soft. I am doing a a pattern that is really quick.
The recipient received a very complicated, detailed sock last year, so I'm feeling
good about this one.

I started the ribbing last Sunday, and a pattern on Monday, but
didn't like it so ripped back to ribbing and started the double
purly swirly pattern.  It is not very soft, so I chose not to
continue the pattern down the foot.


I should start decreasing for the toe tonight..yea!

I want to do a vest, and a sweater for Tiffany when this is done.

Since last post, Ruth has started and and finished the
Wendy  Solstice shawl that Martha and I did over the summer.
I am so excited that we all have them for the festival.

 Green Mountain Spinnery sock. 50% fine wool and 59% mohair yarn.
I love it so much..

Tiffany did the photo shoot for Martha's shawl today. No blog post next week,
but week after the big reveal for all of them. Can't wait.

Martha had no blog updates, and said she would update us at Rhinebeck in person.

Here is our itinerary:
Friday leave at 7:30 am
drive 4 hours or so and go to a mansion. We have looked at so many I'm not
sure which one.....Vanderbuilt maybe? Roosevelt?  I'm not sure, but I'm excited.
Friday night dinner is whatever. Saturday get up and go to breakfast and head
to Rhinebeck. Martha navigates.  Stay for 4-5 hours. Come home and regroup.
have some tea and a nap and check out our goods. Saturday night we are having
a nice Italian meal.  Sunday get up and get breakfast and head home.

Thank you, in advance, Ruth and Martha , for letting me be your sister for a
weekend...I LOVE IT !!!!

On the home front....I have been doing a lot of cooking. I like winter cooking
better than summer.  This weekend, I made is so much better since I
started adding a little honey...and chicken noodle soup. It is too warm for this food,
but who knew when I made the menu?

Tiffany and I have an adventure planned with mom at the end of November,
Ruth I will fill you in on our long d rive....

take care dear blog readers...catch you in 2 weeks....

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