Sunday, October 28, 2012


from Rhinebeck this week.  Thank goodness x 100 we went last
week instead of this week due to Hurricane Sandy.

I am almost done with my 2nd Purly Swirly sock, made out of
Lorna's Laces comfort sock yarn. They are a gift for Christmas,
so I'll be glad to get them done and out of the way. Hard to
believe next week is November. Not much time for gift knitting,
though I don't plan to do much this year.

This is a very quick knit, even on size 1 needles.

I have carefully wound and put away my Rhinebeck yarn.  I put each skein, or
similar skeins in a sealed baggie to keep critters away. I'm curious to see how
you store your yarn?

Ruth is done with the back of her vest, and starting on one front.

Pattern: Hiker's Vest, Briar Rose yarn she purchased last week at Rhinebeck.
I love love love the colors.

Here is some more of her Rhinebeck yarn wound up.
 Brooks farm yarn. Lancaster TX. Superwash yarn, silk, viscose.

 Creatively Dyed Yarn. Superwash merino. Hedda colorway.
I have never used Creatively Died  yarn, but both Ruth and Martha love it.

Last year Ruth, Martha and I made Wendy Johnson's summer mystery shawl.
A few weeks ago, Martha decided hers was too small, so she ripped it out
and reknit it since she had so much yarn left over. Isn't it beautiful?
(nice pic Martha!)  
Here is Martha's pic of the Rhinebeck sandcastle.

 Martha's Rhinebeck goodies.
 Another pic of  Ruth's.
 Another pic of mine.
(meant ladies, not the shawls)

 Martha's stash all wound up.
Here is pic of a sock Martha just finished .
I had great technical difficulty getting her sock pics this week for some reason.
Don't you love the colors!!

I have been domestic this weekend. Made some pumpkin muffins yesterday.
Very good. Joe is making chili today.  I mopped the floor - that takes a tole on
my back, so I think I'm done for the day.

Abbey and Mickey are ready for the storm.

Denise (my boss) gave me these flowers this week. aren't they lovely!

 Stay safe my dear blog friends. I hope I can post next week.

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