Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Season

Let the Holiday Season Begin!  I only knit a few holiday gifts this year,
and I'm ok with that. Hand surgery put a damper on it, and also, lack
of new things to knit. 

This week I finished up the Baby Moc-A-Socks....

They were kinda fun

and a little fiddly.  I like the end result better than the fun of knitting them!!

Started another hat...
and have a good start on 2nd sock.

Ruth has one sock done for her father in law..

Knitpicks yarn...simple skyp pattern

Martha is moving along on her scarf

here is her Monkey sock....


 Joe and I went to the flower shop yesterday and got our sleigh filled
with greens as we do every year. I set it on the kitchen counter and
admire it all season. Just love it.

Joe went fishing on Friday, and caught enough fish for 4 meals! Yea!

Have a terrific week, dear blog readers. No post next week.
Me, Tiffany and mom are heading to NYC to see the Rockettes!!!

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