Sunday, November 11, 2012


Lots of shorts in this post. 
It is going to be a short post !

I am just short of finishing up mom's first sock. I didn't have time
to take a picture. I like the way it is coming along. So soft and
not to hard on the brain...LOL

Ruth has one of Moriya's short socks done. Fixation yarn.
Don't you love the colors?  I do!  I suspect the 2nd one is almost done by now.

Martha has been working on two shawls.

She is almost ready to start the short rows on the multicolored one. Mos scarf

The purple one is KidLin yarn that she gave us at Rhinebeck. Pattern is
Diamond Ruffle by Filature Di Crosa.

Today was definitely shorts weather - over 70 here today.  Thunderstorm
last night that had Abbey in the bathtub....

I am short on time. Till next week....

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