Monday, April 29, 2013


Ruth and I attended a Polymer Clay button class
last Friday.  It was a lot of fun.  Here are Ruth's buttons:

I like all of hers a lot.

My pictures are lame. I was having major technical difficulties yesterday, so
feel good I even got these to come out.

The class was a little long, I got bored near the end, but the possibilities
are endless.  I realize now that store buttons are not that expensive.
It is costly to make them, too.

I finished up the first sock...well sorta.
I had a epiphany that I should stop while I had yarn left.  I used the yarn
scale and wound the yarn in two balls, so what if I goofed? I can see myself
knitting along and finishing the first, and only having 1/2 a leg for the 2nd.

So I did 1.5 inches of ribbing and put the socks on smaller needles until the 2nd one
is this far along.  So far the 2 nd one is still at the toe increase stage.

Ruth finished up her sweater...look how nice it is. I was lucky enough to see it
in person Friday. It is a perfect yarn/pattern combination.

 Lucy likes it too.

Here is Martha's latest baby set.  Don't you just love the colors !

She was traveling this weekend, so I don't know what she is working on now.

In other news....Mickey was going crazy trying to get Tiffany to play
Lazer with him. 

And Abbey just sits there and thinks he's a dork....

I better go outside before it rains...have a great week...

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