Sunday, April 7, 2013


Happiness is the theme of today's post.

Sweater is done except for buttons.
Trail Jacket Pattern by Hannah Fettig
Size 8 needles
Schulana Pacolana yarn

I am hoping it fits. I may have to wear unbuttoned.  We'll see.
I trusted the gauge swatch AFTER WASHING and I'm hoping I was right
to do that. 

I liked this pattern a lot. I willl share pictures after buttons, which might
be a while. the top picture is more true to color.

Joe told me except for the color, it was a very pretty color. LOL.
I actually took the bottom cast off out, and readded a few more rows.

Ruth is working on some new socks.
Yarn is Opal Graffiti. Pattern is My cup of Tea by Robin Lynn. Free on Ravelry!

 I saw them in person, and the pattern is much more obvious, and very nice!

Martha is working on a baby outfit.
She finished one leg but does not like the bell at bottom of leg.... May reknit it w k2 p2 to the end. This is Encore yarn by Plymouth yarn, making Miss Priss Diaper Pants by Shaefer yarn in Interlaken N Y. B
So cute. I really like the colors....

Ruth and Martha are knitting up a storm for babies coming their way.
Some lucky kids for sure.
Don't these projects just scream HAPPY !

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