Sunday, May 19, 2013


I love Martha's comment on the blog post last week:

Don't you think that socks are the pacifier of knitters.
 They keep us happy, are not necessarily too creative 
but necessary for the excess energy we have to knit?
 Of course we always have one going.   

That is perfect, Martha !

Speaking of socks...I finished up Tiffanys' footies..

Elan Esprit yarn....

She tried them on for the photo shoot, and has not taken them

The fit turned out great...wish I could make sweaters fit this good !


They were so fun, and quick, I started another pair of footies for my
little friend Lauren, who will be 12 end of June. 

I hope they fit her ok.  Model is Tiffany.
I made them a little narrower, I have no 12 years old models to
try them on !

Elan Esprit yarn....

With a double stitch heel.  The first part of the heel is colored, and 2nd is

Ruth finished up her Catawampus socks..look how nice they are.

She is starting a sweater, more news on that next week.

They have such nice detail!

Martha was quiet this week, but both kids are home from college so
I suspect she is enjoying her time with them.

So on Thursday I woke up to this....

yes, that is the yarn for Tiffany's socks, 
here is the other end.....

ME:  Mickey did you bite my yarn?
Mickey:  Who me?  ummmm I forgot...
ME:  Mickey...I know you did it....

Mickey:  maybe it was Abbey
Abbey: Mickey you know it was not me. I stopped eating yarn when I was 6.
ME: Mickey I know it was you...don't do it again.
Mickey:  Abbey, I know you told on me.

Abbey: Mickey, I do not know if you did it or not, but I do know that
           on Thursday morning, you walked by me and gave me a little
           kiss instead of batting my I knew you were up to
           something !


Check out this picture I got of Mickey today. He was behind the window
shear sitting on the window ledge....

 Have a fun weekend is memorial day.  Yeeha!@

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