Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

 I finished up the first pinky ankle sock, and it looks cute, but might be a tad
too short. I may try to pick the stitches out and make it a little longer.

Started the 2nd one on Thursday and made a lot (way too many) dumb
mistakes. Ended up ripping it out 3x....So basically, all of my Friday
and Saturday knitting was ripped.  Finally on the right track.

I am inspired to work on the 2nd brown sock again. Just finished up the
heel and crawling my way up the leg.

 The color is actually a nice chocolate brown.

Martha finished up her socks this week...

 Her words:
Here are my latest socks. I am very happy with them. The fit is good and I love the spring like color and I picked a open pattern for spring too. The weather is not too conducive to wearing them now, but I love them. The yarn is from Vermont The Spun Monkey Dyeworks and it s Here An Oink color. Made out of certified humane Blue Faced Liecester and nylon.

I like them a lot.  from Favorite socks book..

Ruth is zooming along on her new sweater...

 Copperline pattern by Eileen Vito. Yarn is Cascade 220 sport. Getting close to separating the sleeve stitches.  That is a lot of knitting!  In a short time.  

We are heading to the lake in the boat so no knitting to be done today.

Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend....

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