Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away.....

We had had way too much rain here in Western NY since June 1st.
Our lawn is a muddy lake. yuck.  I was able to get in more summer
knitting than usual though.

I finished up the footies for my little friend Lauren.

Elann Esprit yarn. Size 3 needle. The color is actually more magenta.
I added a little ruffle top, and the heel is my new fav, double stitch heel.

Also FINALLY finished up the Corn Row socks.  Size 1.5 needle.
Lorna's Laces Comfort yarn. The color is actually a pretty chocolate
brown color.

I honestly didn't think I'd ever finish with these. And notice how one looks
longer than the other. Well, it is. I did one more repeat on one that the other.
And, since I am so sick of these freakin socks, I'm leaving it. The recipient
will have one leg that is more special than the other, that's all!!!!!

For a brainless project, I started another pair of footies for Tiffany.

Univeral Bamboo POP yarn.

Purchased at Webs.  Size 3 needle was too large, so went down to
size 2, 56 stitches.

My fun project right now is the Through The Loops Mystery Shawl.
It's hard to see it all squished up like this.   The strips are blue/green and the
lace is gray.  I really like my colors. I can't wait to see it blocked.

Ruth went away this weekend, and is working on a 2nd sock. But here
is here progress on her sweater:

Martha is working on Evening
Breeze tank by Colleen Simitherman, published in knitters magazine spring 2004.
This picture is from last week, so I bet she is done by now!

Here are some socks Martha made this week, while Tom was in the hospital.
Don't you LOVE the colors!Jarho yarn, mini ragi sock yarn

Look what Joey found pooping in his truck last week:
A beautiful little hummingbird...

It's raining again, I have to go close the windows. Might as well knit a few more rows.
Though we have had all of this rain, I'm so thank ful we have not had any of
the awful weather they have had out west. 

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