Sunday, June 2, 2013


I worked hard this week to get the brown sock leg done.
These are like the never ending socks! 

I am now up to the same point as I am on the 1st sock.  Wanted to make sure
each one used same amount of  yarn.  Now just the ribbing. Doing the
knits thru back loop--I think it makes it stand up better.  I have noticed that
a lot of knitters, like Yarn Harlot, only do about 1" of ribbing. I like to do
2" or more, depending on amount of yarn I have.  I think this helps hold
the sock up better, and is stretchy for big calves....

got a little more done on the fun footie sock:

I also started a sweater, took a while to get  good gauge. And I signed
up for ThroughTheLoops Mystery Shawl, and WendyKnits Mystery
Shawl. I think I will do TTL and wait on Wendy.  Too much going on
at once, which is another reason to get the brown socks done!

Ruth got a little more done on her nice sweater:
Copperline pattern. Cascade 220 sport yarn.

Martha has been working on a cute tank top:

 Rowan hand knit cotton. Making the evening breeze pattern from
Knitters magazine spring 2004. Very pretty!

In other news:

We had a major rain storm overnight. Woke up to lots of flooding in the area:

The water is up to the car bumpers in this pic

 A new lake in the field behind our house.

Today we celebrated Mom and Joe's birthdays.  Delicious food and
great company!

The little kids are waiting for cake. I made homemade carrot cake that 
had carrots, nuts, coconut and golden raisins. Yummy!

Hmmmm should I start the mystery shawl, or finish the socks....
find out next week what I decided to do.

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