Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Funnin

Having a blast this summer! This week's HOT HOT weather
put a little damper on knitting. So very hot. Ruth said she can't stand
to have more in her hand knitting than a dishrag right now.

Martha sent me some Schaefer HEATHER yarn that she got
when visiting Schaefer's home shop.  I hesitated to share this
picture because it is sooooo beautiful, I didn't want Martha to
regret giving it away.  The colors are more amazing in person !
Thanks, Martha !

 I finished up the fingerless mitts for Amber.
Gray yarn is CamelHair by Lana Gotto. So so soft. The maroon
color is MadelineTosh Light. The object is to use up the gray, but the
color is so blah, it needed the maroon to perk it up.


 I'm so glad the picot bind off straightened out after blocking.

Matching beret to go with the mitts.


Currently working on a cowl to match
(trying to use up the damn gray yarn !)

 Some pictures of fun we've been having since the weather
straightened out:

Boating in Lake Ontario

 Swimming to beat the heat

Little kids trying to stay cool...


 Full moon on Saturday, I thought this was so pretty with the pink clouds

 Joel and I celebrated our birthdays together today;

Ruth and Martha had a big family reunion this weekend so no updates
 from  them.  Stay cool...and hope you are enjoying summer.

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martha said...

I must say, If I do say so myself, that yarn I gave you is so pretty. Much prettier wound. Whatcha going to make out of it?