Sunday, August 4, 2013


It's like fall out today. Brrr here in Western NY.
I had the last week off, and did not get in the pool once. 

I did have time to knit, in spite of the fun I was having.

Met Ruth for lunch on Thursday, and she gave me this wonderful
linen facecloth. She called it a dishrag, but it's much too nice to do
dishes with!  It has been well used already....
 On  Friday morning, I looked at the SunnySide Cardigan (free pattern) I was planning
to make for a baby boy. Tiffany's  friend Christina is due in January, and if
she has a boy, it will go to her. Her hubby is a big hunter, and the camoflauge
colors are perfect. Yarn is Plymouth Happy Feet.  Decided to see how far I
could get by Sunday night if it was the only thing I worked on all weekend.
There are now 240 stitches on needle, and I need 260 to put sleeves on 
a string. (increase 10 each knit row). 

 Look at the edge...normally my garter stitch edges are very ugly. I got
this idea from a dishrag. Slip 1st stitch of every row, and purl last
stitch of every row. I am sooo pleased with this result.

 Finished up Amber's set and delivered today. She loved the colors.
Notice there is a cowl added from last time I wrote. 92 stitches on size
6 needle. I was able to use up most of the camel yarn. it is so soft!

I continued on with the Old Towne cardigan I'm making. Did not work on it
very long when I started the baby sweater. It has very different 
construction...stay tuned...

Since  Tiffany's little footie socks are done, I started another sock.
This one is for my friend Betty for Christmas...Rhinebeck  yarn, from
Steam Valley Fibre farm.  It is really nice. Using my purly swirly pattern.

Here is a tank Martha recently finished up.
Her own pattern!
The yarn is Plymouth Kudo which is 55% cotton, 
40% rayon and 5% silk. The colors are so vibrant! 
It hits  her  Carrabian side. Ha.
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This is the one she is currently working on. Notice the cable up the
 Here is a close up.

Martha's words:   I am feeling much more confident about this
 one because I think the fit is better because I learned from the 
first one how to do it. The bottom pattern is from the pattern 
callers Larkspur by Tabitha Kuomi published by Classic Elite Yarns. 
The top is my own based on what I learned from WNTW is 
good for my body, AND what I learned from the first one.  

Check out Ruth's sweater. I saw it in person this week and
the colors are so nice...hard to see in the photo.
Copperline pattern by Elieen Vito. Yarn is Cascade 220 sport.

Cross your fingers summer returns...with a vengance!

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martha said...

We are productive! We are all knitting stuff instead of straight socks!! Yipee we love knitting