Monday, August 19, 2013

Sweater Stuff going on

Ruth, Martha and I are all knittng sweaters. Martha just finished  up
another lovely tank, her own pattern.  I like the color combinations.
Notice the cap sleeves, again her own design. She said she loves the fit.

 Ruth is finishing up her sweater.  She is nearly done with the 2nd sleeve
(more progress made than the picture shows).  She has to add a button
band once the sleeves are done  I saw it in person last week and it's
absolutely lovely. 

I am plugging along on the baby sweater.  I have really not knit much in the
last two weeks.  Once the sleeves are done, I just need to add buttons.

Also working on some socks for mindless knitting.  I am putting a little mock
cable on the ends for a little interest.

So that is the sweater stories from here. It's been really cold, not summery at all.
This week is supposed to be hotter.

Joe and I took a ride on the canal and saw these cutie pies:

Have a nice rest of summer...

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