Sunday, September 8, 2013


and homemade sock weather already. 65 here today...they
say 91 on Tuesday...we'll see.

Labor Day weekend was nice here, so beautiful. I will
share some pictures at end of blog.

Current project is sock for my friend Betty.Yarn is from
Rhinebeck two years ago. Almost time to go again!  I am making
my own pattern.

K2, P1, Mock cable 2, P1  knit to last 6 stitches,
P1 Mock Cable 2, P1, K2

Also working on Two Color Cardigan.  A pattern from
Shibu knits.  I got both colors from The Dizzy Sheep deal
of the day.  I really like how they are coming together.
Start at one sleeve and increase up, knit front and back,
repeat.  My big issue will be sewing the arm seams...I might
need to seek help, I don't want to screw it up. the multicolor blob
is the start of the 2nd sleeve.  The dark color is Plymouth Superwash
Merino. My favorite go-to yarn. Love it.  The multicolor is Malabrigo, also
very nice.

I needed something brainless (more brainless than the
brainless sock!) so I whipped up a dishrag from the leftover
Bamboo Pop yarn.. It turned out kinda cute..

Martha has completed her baby ensemble. I am totally in
love with it, and think it is heirloom worthy.  I will share
her own words here, as she can say it best:

Martha's words:
he Yarn is Hyancinth from the Queensland Collection. 95% cotton,
5% viscose.  I bought this from webs in a big bag to make something for EL and it was the wrong gauge so I had it knocking around in the stash waiting for something else.  The Yarn Harlots baby blankets
inspired me to make a baby set out of it since I had so much and decided beige was a traditional baby color.  I knew this baby would be a boy and the mother is kind of a stickler for traditional lines, so I hope she will like it beige.  That is not a baby color any more.  Like the BUNNY buttons? it would have been more traditional with some beautiful shell buttons or something but I thought that was too austere and tried to baby it up some with matching color.  I will take another picture blocking and send it via my ipad which is much easier for me.  The blocking helps a lot with the rumpled look it has.

Ok pattern wise I will try to be complete and succinct. The sweater is by Melanie Lok called Kanoko Cardigan off Ravalry, free.  Pretty good pattern but I went free range when I could not follow it and knew how to do it.  The britches are Kanoko Pants by Yumiko Sakurai.  Also from Ravalry.  I think these pants inspired the sweater maker.  I made them 1 1/2" longer tightened up the legs and put a gusset in the crotch (from Miss Priss Diaper Pants by Wendy Williams of Schaefer Yarns).  I started the hat from the Quick and Easy Baby Hat from Myfairkatie Blogspot.  I use this pattern for measurements for all baby hats.  I fixed the gauge and repeated the pattern from the Kanoko pattern and did a 3 stitch bind off instead.  finally I really hate booties.  They are all cute but I can't do the short rows properly to look nice and match.  I started with Cutest Booties by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee,  which are really garter baby bootee socks.  However, I did not garter stitch them because nothing else in the set is.  I put the pattern from the sweater in the ankle like she did on the ones on her post recently.  Then I just did a K2P2 yo hole making situation for the ties and made the rest a sock.  I had to decrease stitches for the foot to get it baby sized.  I have to do this 3 times to get it right,  luckily the booties are so small they are no big deal to frog. And I am very proud to say THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME.   Amazing huh?  Ok so not so succinct but that is the facts. 

Thanks for that super update, Martha.!

Ruth is on vacation this week so no blog update from her....

In other news, Friday morning the sunrise was so beautiful.
check out how it highlighted the corn field behind our house.

Joe and I went to Oneida Lake last weekend, and Tiffany joined for one day.
A few pictures from  there:

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