Sunday, September 22, 2013


I'm normally not faithful to one project, I like to switch around
depending on pattern difficulty. This week I vowed to be faithful
to my sock, to see now much I could get done....even though
I didn't knit one night after work, I did get quite a bit done.

I have about 4 inches to go before toe decrease.

Tiffany started a baby blanket for her friend Christina who is due in January.
They are not finding out if boy/girl, so she needed something neutral. She
picked a really nice green/yellow bulky yarn.

Using her favorite pattern, multiple of 3 stitches...k2, p1.

She is really having fun with this project....

Ruth finished up her Schaffer yarn (gift from Martha).
They are super nice, I got to fondle them yesterday.

I also got to see her sweater on is really wonderful.
Ruth and I went to Finger Lakes Fiber Fest in Hemlock NY. Kind of
like a pre-game for Rhinebeck!  Ruth observed that there is a lot more alpaca
yarn there than at Rhinebeck. I think she is right.  I got some sock yarn-
will be socks for mom, sock yarn for Joe, and some pretty Christmasy
colored yarn that will be a nice scarf for Christmastime.  I'm thinking
Infinity scarf..I really like the way they wear around the neck.

Ruth got some beautiful yarn also.

Martha made some more cute mitts this week.
She is about 1/3 one w the second one. She asked for cables. It s the Cabled Fingerless Gloves, seamless by Maureen Anderson 2013, off Ravelry. Free. She used some lace or skinny sock weight alpaca and Huntington sock yarn by webs yarn. She wanted Forrest green.

 I love the cables.....

Martha was busy getting corn for her chickens today...they loved it...

Abbey says:

Are you ready for some football!

Going to watch Bills/Jets and knit on the sock.

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