Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
I finished up several FO's this week...so excited to be done
with all of them.

Finished up mom's green socks, but forgot to take a picture
before I wrapped them. They were like the never ending

Finished up two YES TWO hats....and will take pictures
of them on Christmas morning......

Finished up some boot toppers for Tiffany out of
Plymouth Select Worsted Superwash Yarn..
Leftover from the hats I will show you tomorrow.
Love this yarn.
 Up on Top free pattern on Ravelry.

I added a little to the ribbing....

The new Oddments pattern from Romi came out, and it's a headband,
that is basically same pattern as boot toppers....how could I not whip
one up to match?  Gnarled Entling Warmer....
 hard to tell they are not from the same pattern, huh...

I hope Tiffany likes them,,,

I am just starting a pair of socks for ME...too soon for a picture.

Tiffany is coming along nicely with the scarf she is making for mom for Christmas....
It will not be quite done, may have to be wrapped with needles still intact...
It is sooooo nice...

We had a major ice storm here on Sunday. Lost our power for 5+ hours.
Put me a little behind in preparations but we survived..

Ruth is working on a  nice pair of socks.
This pictures is from Sunday, so she is probably much
further along by now....

Criollos Effect pattern. Madelinetosh sock yarn. Plaid blanket colorway.

Martha finished up her sweater!!!  Check out the fit..it's beautiful.
She said the pic is a little fuzzy...awe. She will wear tomorrow on Christmas
Day! Beautiful job, Martha.

In other news...
Merry Christmas !!!

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