Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nice stuff

Nice stuff this knitting is in full force...

blocked the infinity scarf
 I am very pleased with how it turned out.
 very long, comes down to my knees, but when wrapped around 4x's it's perfect.

 didn't need it so long, but wanted to use up the why not?
finally got the buttons on the Braided Cable Baby sweater...
kind of an irradescent white color..didn't want something too cutsie, since the kid
that wears it will be a little older (3 or 4)

I love baby sweaters with collars

it's tucked safely away for the next girl baby to come along, although it's a
size 3 or 4

I'm also working on some nice boot socks...Wisconsin Winter Socks...
one done, one 1/3 done... more next week...

Ruth has two projects done, and one in the works.

The white hat is from her own handspun yarn. Pattern is Marine Waves free from Ravelry.
I got to fondle it yesterday and it is very very very nice!

The purple cowl is Eleanor pattern from Knitty.  Yarn is Cascade 220 heather.
it is very sophisticated!  The green cowl is  Ivy Vibes from Anne Hanson.
Yarn is Cascade 220 Sport. All very very nice. Her sweater is coming along also.

Check out Martha's sweater...
Isn't it lovely!  She can't wait to finish up.

In other news:

I am embracing Christmas and have the little sleigh filled with greens.

Mickey is enjoying his new scratching post Joe made him yesterday

Abbey is being a good girl in hopes that Santa is watching

Joey made me come take pictures of the spectacular sunset to the East on
Saturday night, above the neighbors house

Happy knitting my dear friends....till next week....

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