Sunday, March 9, 2014

Really Cool Stuff

Sometimes, well most of the time, I think knitting is Really Cool.
I'm still amazed every time I turn a sock heel or kitchner stitch
a toe together....

This week I was poking around some of my favorite blogs.

Very Pink
 Knit Purl Hunter

I always learn some really cool tricks when I read them. Some I
can use, and some not right now.

Knit Purl Hunter has a little tutorial on making a neater
SSK stitch.  Follow the link above to check it out.

Basically, you ssk ( I slip one knit wise and one purl wise)
and when you come around to that stitch again, instead of just
knitting it, you knit it through the back loop.  I did it on the
toe of Joe's sock that I just finished, and it made a nice difference

It's hard to see in this picture because the yarn is so dark, but
trust me, it is nice.  This is the actual yarn color.

I finished up his 1st sock this week, and have a little start
on the 2nd one.....

Also working on the Really Cool Endpaper mitts pattern.
I was afraid I would not be able to figure out the thumb
directions, but I finally did get it. 

I cannot work on these exclusively, so thank goodness
I have the brainless socks going too.

Ruth made a Really Cool hat for her granddaughter.  Pattern is
Stephen West's Windschief out of Berrocco Vintage yarn.

and she's making a Wurm hat for Martha out of Feederbrook
Farm yarn.(the blue hat in progress).  She's also been working away at her
Highlander sweater sleeves....

Martha is working on a Really Cool sock
Cable Rib Socks by Erica Alexander, yarn is Creatively dyed.

The colors are lovely.  I thought, and she said, that these are Ruth colors!
She is making them to go with her recent sweater.

In other news:
I've been in a funk this week.  My fun meter is super low.  Thank
goodness there is always knitting to pull me out of it. I need spring,
I think. 

Have a Really Cool week, blog readers.

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