Sunday, March 2, 2014


Ruth, Martha and I all have different things going on this week.

I started the Endpaper Mitts - free pattern on Ravelry.

I love the gradient yarn some people used.  Can you see the dark blue
is going into purple?

I have wanted to make these for some time.  Gradient yarn is pricey!
I poked around on Webs ( and found some Lang Mille
Colori Baby
that looked like it would work.  I got Valley yarns Huntington
for the plain white.

The Mille Colori is one ply, and it is a little troublesome when the white
gets wrapped around is separating. But for my budget, and this project,
I think the combo is just what I wanted.  I am really wishing I used
circ needles, though.  I just didn't have any that would work well. I'm
not a fan of sticks, especially with colorwork.

Also started a pair of brainless socks for Joe. After a few attempts,
I got going.  They were too big at first. Using Size 1 needle with 72
stitches now.   Yarn is from Oak Meadow Alpaca Farm purchased
at Hemlock.  Alpaca, Wool and Nylon. I made him a pair last year and
they are wonderful.

The color is actually a rich chocolate brown.  Just turned the heel.

Ruth finished up her first Wurm hat.

I said first because she plans to make more.
Notice her nice hem with the picot edging.  I got to fondle it
in person on Thursday and it is so very nice.  Yarn is Feederbrook Farm
yarn. The colors are wonderful. 

She finished up her baby sweater this week, with a matching
hat.  Yarn is Berroco Vintage. Pattern is Beyond Puerperium by Kelly Brooker

 The picture does not do this little sweater / hat justice.  It is really 
special when you see it in person.  Lucky Baby!!!!!

Martha finished up a cute little baby sweater.

Springtime Baby Cardi, by Kaity Von Rader,  
yarn Maratona by Zegna Baruffa-Lane Borgosesia. Yarn was a gift from 
her knitting friend Ann.

So cute!!!! It looks so soft.  Lucky Baby!!!

In other news, we celebrated Tiffany's birthday last weekend and this weekend.
Why two weekends?  Last week was her birthday, but Joe was  too sick
to have company over (pneumonia) so we had a small dinner then, and had
the family over yesterday for lasagna.

Her friends got her a cake last week:

This weekend she got homemade cake from mom (me).

Mom looked so pretty in her winter cardinal sweater:

Had a nice time with Joel and Vicky.

Joe was feeling much better, thank goodness...

NO leftovers!

Here area some old pictures
she hasn't changed much



Love her to death!

Still snowing here...I really hope the summer is nice to make up for this
shitty winter!  But really, who can complain about so much knitting time!

Have a knitfull week.

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