Sunday, May 4, 2014

Small Stuff

It seems lately, it keeps coming back to the small stuff....

Finished up the 1st Rivercat sock.  It is more green than
this picture shows.
I'm waiting for Tiffany to come and try it on. It is for my friend Betty for
Christmas, and Tiff has the same size feet !  LOL
I'm hoping the purls relax a little after they are will
look so much nicer.  Yarn is FiberOptic.  It feels so nice in
my hands while I'm knitting.

I needed a brainless diversion, so started a pair of socks.
Big surprise, right?  LOL

the recipient has sweaty feet, so I searched for some Bamboo
blend yarn. Found this Saki Bamboo at Paradise Fibers.
I am really impressed with their website, and service.

The yarn is a dream to work with. So soft.  I actually got some
solid gray, and made 4 row  stripes with the gray and varigated.
I want to make them long.  I think for the heel I will double the
gray yarn for strength. Notice the mock cable on the ends....

Here is Ruth's current sock.  Sauberball yarn, Roundabout pattern.

I really like how the colors mix with the pattern.

She also made this Anne Hanson Slouch Potato hat from Patons wool
yarn since the last post.
Look how perfect her stitches are....

Martha is working on a pair of toe up socks. She is probably
done with both by now. Pattern is from Knitty -
Interlocking Leaves.

  The yarn by Sweetgeorgia, BFF sock, color Glacier.
 It's Bluefaced Leicester wool.  I like the sheen it has....

In other news....

Joe and I went away last Saturday for our 31st wedding anniversary.
I know..we were just kids when we got married.  We stopped at
the Ellicottville Brewery on our tour.  I loved it there. Everything
was so carefully thought out. I wish I would have taken more pictures.
We had a few beer samples, and a huge burger for lunch.
On the way home, we drove along Lake Erie and could not believe
the ice still there.  We heard people talking that small boats were
getting trapped in the ice and the Coast Guard had to rescue them.
This is the first year Joe has not gone Walleye fishing on opening
day due to cold weather.

This ice goes all the way across to Canada.....
Joe spent the day getting equipment power washed...he froze.
Th wind was awful...look how its whipping the pool cover...ugh

I think Abbey likes this temperature though....she's not too hot or too cold.

I made a nice Sunday dinner today. I have been craving a roast.
Wanted the house to smell cozy.
I followed this roast recipe in Pinterest, and it turned out perfect!

Ruth spent last week vacationing at Lake Placid. They
visited  Asgaard farm, Ausable Forks and check out these
adorable kids:\


Until next's supposed to be warm....

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