Sunday, April 20, 2014

Socky Sunday

 Ruth, Martha and I are all doing socks this week.
I had not intended to do socks again. Well, at least not a pair
of "have to think" socks.  Maybe a brainless pair.
I did a lot of swatching this week. I was determined to teach
myself two-color brioche.  And I did. But not without lots
of mistakes.  Brioche is sooo cool.  Amazing. But two color
is a little tricky.  The whole goal was to make a scarf to use
of the yarn from the Endpaper mitts.  I did not like any of
the combinations. I even attempted a chevron pattern.
No go.  Soooooo am now making a one-color brioche
scarf that is totally brainless....All of that swatching and training
makes for very dull blog posting....LOL

I cast on 72 stitches for socks, and looked around for
a pattern.  Found the Rivercat Pattern - free on Knitty.
It has a lot of purling, and not sure if I like how the purls
look, but I think they will flatten out a little once I block

Yarn is Fiber Optics - same as last pair.  I'm determined to
use Rhinebeck yarn as much as possible.  Just starting
the heel flap.  Leg is 7" long.  I don't like how she did
the heel flap so I'm doing the one I usually do.
So far, so good.

Ruth is working on yet another pair of cute little
socks for her granddaughter..  CUTE !!!!
Cascade fixation yarn.

Martha is working on a pair of socks using Lornas Laces yarn.
Pattern is Purl Lace Socks from Socks Socks Socks book.
She has a lot of purling in hers also.

I like how the pattern works with the yarn. So pretty!

Today is Easter and we got to see our new little
niece Faith.  She is such a doll.  All of the excitement
wore her out.  She is 2.5 months old already.

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