Sunday, September 21, 2014

Feeling Better, About the Sweaters

I'm feeling better about my sweater.
I read on Ravelry that someone else was having trouble following
the directions to attach the garter band and the sweater body, so
she just did what makes sense.
Well, I can do what makes it worked great.  I am starting to
pick up stitches for the right side.

Have a little done on 2nd sock, really trying to get sweater done.
Ruth said I can do it if I really keep at it. There is a lot more to do, so
wish me luck.
Ruth and I went to Hemlock  Fiber Fair yesterday. Beautiful day.  I got a
light brown sock yarn for Joe (above). Also got a nice  yarn for socks. Kind of

Also some goat milk/honey lotion.

Ruth is making great progress on her Cobblestone sweater. I
saw it in person yesterday and it is truly wonderful. Great combo
of yarn/pattern.

Here is Ruth's stash from the HemlockFiber Fest.
The two pink skeins will be baby sweaters, and the gray will
be a sweater for  her. The gray is really beautiful.

Martha is also making great progress on her sweater.  She has
figured out the sleeves, and they look great @@@

Very cute sweater !!

In other news:
Joe and I made tomato sauce today, that we use for goulash all winter.
It's a lot of work, but well worth it.

Belive it or not, this is a little cucumber he grew in the garden
this year.Very flavorful, but lots of seeds.

He went fishing yesterday, and we had a nice night sitting outside in the
soft warm air while he cleaned the fish.
Even better, we had them for dinner tonight,.
Have a great week....Here's wishing we all make great sweater  progress !@@

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