Sunday, September 7, 2014

Shazam! Just like that summer is over!

Though today feels very summerish here in Western NY...but too cold to swim.
Closed the pool today.  That is always a sad day for me...I love the
pool, and hope it lasts us forever.  I finished up these socks a couple
of weeks ago, but just got them blocks.
I named them Martha socks, since she gave me the Lorna's Laces
Comfort yarn to make them.  It was kind of a tedious pattern
K2 rows, seed stitch 1 row, but I love the end result.

Thanks, again, Martha. 

I did a double stitch heel.  The colors are very vibrant, but don't show
up well in the pics...darnit!

I also finished mom's 1st sock.  Lang Jawool yarn.  This is fun, the colors
are so vibrant (not in this picture, darnit x 2)...

I've mentioned before that mom has very wide feet, and misplaced toes.
I started with 80 stitches, but it was too many. So I restarted with 72 stitches.
It is my own purly swirly pattern, purling every 9th stitch, and moving the
stitch each time.  Usually I  only do every 18th stitch, but I like this a lot better.
When I got 6 rows past the heel decreasing, I added 2 stitches on the heel only,
so as not to mess up the top patterning, every 4 rows until I had 80 stitches.
When it was long enough, I moved the stitches around on the needles so the
decreases would not be messed up.  I can't believe I figured all of that out, but
I did! 

The Mrs Garter sweater is coming along slow.  There is a big and I mean big
garter band that goes along the bottom.  I decided to start the band and take
it camping. It was great knitting for the long drive.  I need 136 garter bumps,
and I am just a little over 100.

See the little green marker above? that is bump 100.  Talk about borning!  I
really want to wear to this to Rhinebeck, but not sure if I can get it done by
then.  Maybe if I quit doing crazy color socks in between!

No wonder the Lang colorful socks are soooo appealing.

Ruth is really moving along on her son's Cobblestone sweater now. She
spent a lot of time on the sleeves, switching balls of yarn so they would not pool
and I think they turned out great!  She will be done in no time. The colors are

Martha and her hubby are   busy painting today, so was not able to send progress on her sweater.
She did mention in an email that she is up to the lace.  I can't wait to see it.
Nice color!  they are also replacing a few pieces of the floor.

Nice work!!!!

In other news:

Joey had a birthday...26....yikes!

Kristen, his girlfriend, blew in to town to celebrate. I made homemade pizza,
which she seemed to like.  she is very nice!

Joe and I went to Oneida Lake last weekend. Had a blast.
This is Saturday afternoon.  

Joe caught a nice bass.  He caught quite a few fish, but not what he
was looking for.

Sunday it rained all morning, but turned out to be a very nice night.

I hope you had as nice of weekend as we did.

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