Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Pair

 I am working on the 2nd sock of the pair.
Did not get far this week.

Suddenly I had a craving to make a pair of EZ mitered
Noro Kureyon yarn. Have a lot in stash of same color.
I kept thinking all week I could make three pair before
Christmas, but it's not happening.

It's almost impossible to make a matching set.
But I like the mismatched...
Still have a pair of thumbs to make.
They are long. maybe too long.
Not sure if I will gift them or not.  They would be a great present.

Ruth is on vacation this week and started a cowl in Rowan
Felted Tweed yarn.  Norden Cowl.

Martha worked a lot on a sweater this week but just ripped it.
She is looking for a new pattern for the yarn.  I hate when that

We have a pair of deer in our front yard.

I made pizza on Friday night. And it was like two pizzas in one
Veggie on one side and hawaian on the other side. Nice pair combo.

A pair of beautiful sunset pictures from tonight.

and another pair

and yet another

Got the 2nd of two tress -  now we have a pair.
This is the real one. Joe and I had a great time picking it out.
Have a great week....whatever you do, do it in  pairs...much
more fun!

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