Sunday, November 29, 2015


Countdown to Christmas is now on. We had a lovely
Thanksgiving...seems like it was three weeks ago rather
than three days ago.

I finished up the first sock...the yellow color is more
of a gold in person.  Just started the 2nd one.  I guess
I would not want to wear these if I was drunk!  LOLOL
Plain vanilla socks ....nice that the yarn does all of the
patterning work.  
Going to start a new project this week.
Alice's Caplet.
I've been wanting to make a poncho, but the thought of all of that
knitting...ugh...too much.  LOL.. This is just the right size.
I'm going to use Cascade Echo, the recommended yarn.  Just uses
one skein.

I think I will add the button band as I go, rather than picking up stitches
afterwards. That way, I can make sure I have enough yarn, and if I have
extra yarn, can make it longer.

Ruth is working on Burnish sweater. Oak Meadow Alpaca
Farm yarn...cormo blend.

I've fondled this yarn and it's really really beautiful.  I love the
pattern, yarn combo.

Martha started and finished a "pretty thing" cowl this week.
So very pretty !!

Now for the floral part of the post. Wednesday my boss gave me
these beautiful flowers and told me he was thankful to have me.
Warmed my heart.

Then, we got our Christmas sleigh filled with greens.
Present to myself for the season.

The colors are much more vivid in person.

And finally, got the fake tree up. Will get a real one next week.
Gosh, it looks crooked in this picture!

Got a holiday shower curtain and could not find curtains, so I got a
plain gold valence and embroidered holly on it .

Not a perfect match, but it works...

Till next week,...happy knitting.

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