Sunday, January 10, 2016


Ruth finished up her Burnish Sweater this week...she just needed

She wore it  yesterday and it was lovely...just lovely.
The fit is perfect.  I just kept staring at her.  I can only hope
to knit sweaters that nice one day.

Yarn is Oak Meadow Alpaca.

She started another sweater based on Burnish pattern in
Bartlett yarn.  She is going to make her own pattern....
just a bare start at this point.
In between she finished up another dishcloth in classic corner to
corner pattern...

 I have finished first set of stripes and have 2.5 repeats of
lace done on Lilli Pilli scarf.  I wish the nice green color
would show...its really kind of a nice tealy green.

Working down the foot of 2nd sock. Glad to have this sock
to work on as the scarf can get weary and its hard to do just
all of that lace...I can't concentrate that hard all of the time.

Martha has the heel turned on Tom's sock, and she is collecting
sock scraps for a sweater...

She has made a lot of progress on her Jackaroo sweater, but
waiting to start sleeves till her cold is better and she can
really concentrate...

She was mending socks today...does a much better job than I do!

Ruth and I took a class yesterday to learn Brioche - two color knitting.
I have done a few brioche projects before...simple hats and scarfs.
This was fun.  Really had to concentrate. She and I only had to rip
one time. Others in the class probably should have ripped more than they
did...I would like to make a cowl using this color method.  I will try to
do one or two rows every day to  keep it in my mind.

Joe is always thrilled when Mickey will let him hold him...
The trick is to put him down before he bites !!

He is looking out the window at the rain...rained all day here.
Happy knitting dear bloggers. Guess we are getting a lot of snow overnight
crossing my fingers we all make it to work ok...

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