Sunday, January 17, 2016

First FO of 2016

 I'm excited to say I have the first Finished Object
of 2016  mom's Christmas socks. With all of the wedding
planning, everyone is getting plain socks, except maybe
my sister in law.  As you will recall, I use yarn with a lot
of nylon for mom cause she throws them in the washer.
ugh x 1000000.  Saw this yarn, her favorite green, and knew
it would be perfect for her.  And now they are done.

 Not blocked yet.

 Mom wears crocks year round...because they slip on easy and
fit her well.  Yesterday we were watching Tiffany try on wedding dresses
and she had on last years socks.  I said "nice socks"...she said thanks.
I love your socks.  I told her this year everyone was getting plain
socks..she said that's ok. This year I want blue socks. I have some green ones, and
pink ones and brown ones. I need some blue ones.  FAIL!

These green ones will fit Joe, but I don't like the color for him. The
base is more of a limey green.  If I have time, I will make him some
and mom will get two pair..... He said he would wear them. Oh well...

Got a few repeats of lace done on Lilli Pilli
And...started the  Through the Loops Mystery sock on
Friday. I have the left cuff done and right almost done.
This is more actual color.  So far so good.
She sure loves her "through the back loop"....

Ruth is working away on her sweater.
My own pattern using Amy Herzogs fit to flatter.
Bartlett yarn 2 ply wool/alpaca combo.

She thinks its taking a while, but I think she's making great progress.

Martha's own words regarding her Jackaroo sweater:
I spent a lot of time last weekend wondering if I would have enough yarn to complete the sweater. I have knit this sleeve, which is about 1/2 done on the two small balls left over from the front.  This sweater will be snug.  The pattern,  calls for icord front band but I'm going to put a real button band on (since I have enough yarn), as it will add an inch or more to the front. And I like the look better, it's flatter. She can really engineer her sweaters.
The sock is for Tom.

Its snowing like crazy here.
I cannot take pictures of snow..its the weirdest thing. I notice
on the news it does not show up either..

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