Sunday, March 20, 2016


Ruth finished up her lovely shawl yesterday.
Hamamelis by Kristin Kapur. 

 Lucy approves!  

My knitting is still very dull this week. Made a little progress
on the giant size 13 sock.

My sister in law - that loves the socks I make her for  Christmas
made me a yarn bowl....I have ALWAYS wanted one!  She texted
me last week and asked me my favorite colors...I said teal, purple, and
light gray.  She brought this today:

It is soooo soft to the touch.
I LOVE IT.  Thank you Vicky!

In other news....
It was quite nice last week so Joe made us a picnic:
Maybe two weeks ago...I've lost track of time.

We acquired a new to us old dog KeeLee

Mom loves her

Family got together today for Tiff's birthday

I hope I have more to report next week....have a good one
dear blog readers.

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