Sunday, March 27, 2016


Today is Easter Sunday....and it's a beautiful day.
Our day is done, and everyone is gone their own way
and I sit here alone. 
I'll be  honest about my's dull.  I am working
on a Christmas present that I can't talk about which makes for
a dull blog. Thank goodness Ruth and Martha are working
on some nice things.

I did manage to do a few rows on the giant size 13 sock.
Another inch or two and I can start the decreases.

Ruth finished up her plain socks in Opal bicolor yarn....
snazzy don't you think!

Martha is working on the sleeves of her Klemscott sweater.
I love the detail and color.
She said it's a good fit...yea.

Now some of the reason I dont get much knitting in is
this little girl:
KeeLee and I took a little walk today.  She did pretty good
and knows how to walk on a sidewalk.  It tired her out enough
that she slept most of the time we were gone today, I think.

She takes a lot of our time in the evenings...we like to keep
her happy and take her for walks. 

I hope to have some more interesting knitting to talk about
next week.  Have a good one dear blog readers!

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