Sunday, August 21, 2016

Another Summer Week Gone

Summer is Fleeting.  Sigh.
I managed to get two repeats done on the shawl.

15".  Slow going for sure. I stop and count in between each
marker to make sure I have 23 stitches. If not, I know there is a
problem.  Saves a lot of tinking back later on for sure.

I keep thinking that the more I knit, the more inches per repeat
I will get...but NO. Still the same.  LOL

Worked on the brainless socks during a long drive this
week. Socks that rock yarn - gifted to me from Ruth.
Started picking up stitches around sweater.
Slow going.  Not my thing for sure.
Ruth and Martha are having a girls weekend
so no updates from them. 

In other news:

A picture of veggies from Joe's garden

He made fried zucchini for dinner, and we put some
of my homemade salsa on it. Delish!

Last night we went for a quick dinner near the
canal and afterward he wanted to feed the ducks.

It was such a nice peacful night, after a big rain.
The ducks were happy.
So pretty out.
I love summer!

Have a great week!

1 comment:

karen said...

what beautiful photos of your canal! I love the knitting and any progress is well, progress!! When it was cooler out those two days I was inspired to knit like crazy. Then the hot weather came back and I'm like, ugh. I have to be more patient.