Sunday, September 25, 2016

I wore socks this week!

It sure feels like fall this weekend. Beautiful, but chilly.
I wore socks!'

The Marduta shawl continues to grow. I will have
enough yarn to finish this repeat, and maybe do 1/2
more. Which is great, but I'm running out of time.
 I hardly knit at all this week.  Yikes !

Got the heel turned on the sock.  Did the
heel in the light gray yarn.....which I had intended to do
the first time, but forgot.
Ruth is coming along on the Hanami Shawl
with the Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud Oyster Color.

Once she gets done with this complex part, the
rest will be easier. .Soooooo lovely!

Martha has made great progress in her color sweater
this week.
There are a lot of stitches, and she is excited to
be almost ready to split the sleeves off.
So nice, huh!

In other news.....
I got some fall decorations for the front of the house today.
Mums and pumpkins....

they make me happy

Joe went fishing and caught a mess of bluegills.
he had a wonderful day on the water. Said it
was very fun.

I have to go work on the stole...people wish me a lot
of knitting time this week. 

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