Sunday, November 27, 2016

Push is on...Holiday Knitting

The push is on for Holiday Knitting....I am
so bored with these socks...keep thinking I should
start something else, but the smart thing is to carry
on and get them done. The 2nd one has a good start.

Ruth's Picard sweater is coming along.  Rowan
felted tweed.  So nice!!

She needed a little distraction so is making
this hat.  Lacinato. Yarn is Anne Hanson's and Spirit Trail's.
Really nice...I love it!

Martha is zooming along on her sweater.
I think it is so cohesive..don't you?

In other news:

We hosted Thanksgiving this year.  My cousin
teases that the drive is so far she has to pack a lunch
for the trip.  She showed up with this bag:

The family had fun'

Got my sleigh filled with foilage on Small Business Saturday.
I love this....

KeeLe and I are going to watch Hallmark movies
and knit on the damn socks!

Have a great week!

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