Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fishless Post....

 The Sunnyside Cardigan is done!
Made for baby Mia.
Made size 6-12 month, but used worsted weight yarn
Plymouth Select Merino Superwash color Periwinkle (purpleish)
Size 7 needle, rather than the fingering weight
called for.
I estimate its a size 2.

She is due  April 5th.  I hope it fits her when it's
cold. It's so hard to tell with babies.
 I knew I wanted a bigger size...they tend to fit
longer.   I'm in love with the ladybug buttons.

 I like the pattern a lot.  Easy to follow.
I used most of 2 leftovers.

Another little girl due end of June.
I did not want to make the same sweater,
so this is Granny's Favourite
making size 6 months,
larger yarn and needles.
 Yarn is Valley Yarns Haydenville...
60% Superwash Merino
40% Acrylic Microfiber.
Nice and soft, and easy to work with.
I have just split sleeves.
 Finished the first giant size 13 sock.
Have ribbing done on 2nd one.

 3 stitch twist

Keelee loves all of the knitting this weekend...
We get to snuggle.

Ruth is doing the button band on her sweater:
then it will be done!
Martha has a few more colors to do on her baby blanket.
I love the colors:
Reminds me of a stained glass window
She said about a week more and it will be done.

No fishing this weekend for Joe...the weather did not cooperate.
No blog next week..we will be on vacation...
Happy knitting dear blog readers....we will chat in 2 weeks.

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Martha said...

I love that blue, periwinkle sweater! Can I have the pattern?