Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday and Knitting....

Wow, superbowl is here again...We are controlling the
snacks this year...Joe wanted to cook a steak dinner and
have minimal snacks which is fine with me.

Made a little progress on Mark's sock. If that was for me
I'd almost be decreasing for the toe...a long way to go!

Last week I mentioned I started a baby sweater.
The parents like lavendar and gray, so I started with a gray
collar.  Made a mistake that meant tinking back about 8 rows.
I was not really in love with the gray collar, so I
Marthaed it and ripped the whole thing.  That was Mon - Thurs
knitting....all in a pile.

Started over and ready to put sleeves on a string.
I  am having a mind block and had to text Ruth for help.
I think I know what's going on and have to recount.
If not, Ruth and I might have to have an emergency lunch
this week !!!!  LOLOL

Plymouth Select Superwash yarn... my favorite. Look at the
stitch definition.

Ruth is working along on her Martha sweater, tried
it on today and all is good.
This color is going to look stunning on her !
 Martha is working on a nice pair of socks....

 and here is the final pick of her baby outfit..
so cute !
In other news:
The little kids are ready for the superbowl.
KeeLee had a little bath so she smells \
like a baby.  I didn't say she liked it, I said
she had one.

Mickey is waiting for me to sit down so he can
sit on my lap.  We missed lap time this morning...

Have a great week.
I'm sorry Martha....but...go Atlanta !

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