Monday, February 11, 2008

Great minds think alike .... OR .... lack of creativity

I received my copy of Interweave Knits Spring magazine on Saturday, and I must
say I like several of the patterns. There were a couple of things that stuck out at
me that I thought I'd mention.

1. There are four sweaters that are almost the same color...salmony orangy peachy color.
And what strikes me as odd, is that they aren't spaced out in the layout. Notice the first
two sweaters are almost identical in color -I thought it was the same sweater when I first
looked quick.

(Note: if you look real close at the picture on the right - you will see that the
bottoms don't match up and the top button should have been moved up just
a notch - Jeannine would have had us ripping and fixing that booboo!)

2. Four of the sweaters are cardigans that only button part way down - that must
be the look of Spring!

3. There are two vests (both beautiful) and they crisscross - one at the top V and one
a very deep V (belly button V) - which to me is a very similar look.

4. There are two beautiful shawls - both blue.

I was thinking as I was looking thru that there was a definite lack of variety in this issue.

Did anyone else think that? Or just me?

On to the next finished object picture - Tiffany's clogs are done and already
well worn.

I have the sleeves joined on the EZ sweater and have a little more progress on the class sweater - pictures next time.

Not a lot of knitting will get done this week. Two birthdays to celebrate this weekend:
Abbey will be 7 and Tiffany - gulp - 21......

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