Sunday, February 24, 2008

This and That

I haven't posted in a while because I've been busy, and frankly sweater knitting is boring to post about!

I started adding the stranded color to the EZ sweater - 4 rows done - and had to rip. I didn't like the way I was joining the yarn at the beginning of each row. I did some reading on the subject in The Color book by Sally Melville and did what she suggested and didn't like the results at all. I'll have to experiment a little more. Took me 3+ hours to tink it back - not relaxing for sure!

The teal French Girl sweater is coming along slow but sure. I need to have my brain engaged when I work on this one so only do a few rows a week. I was hoping to have more done at this point. This sweater is knit in negative ease, I am hoping it fits me. Usually I overcompensate to a sweater that is a little too big, but this is looking awfully tiny. Keep your fingers crossed.

I have been furiously working on some Lorna's Laces socks for the past two weeks trying to get them done for Tiffany's birthday. They should be done this week - just a week late. I am liking the yarn a lot - very soft on my hands.

Ruth and I have been discussing our love of plain socks. Just knitting round and round - let the yarn do the work - totally (almost) brainless. Ruth is a master sock knitter and knits lovely socks with intricate patterns but she has been enjoying some brainless socks this week also.

Went to have breakfast with mom and dad yesterday and discovered a lovely little yarn shop. A Knitter's Corner. Very small, but they carry a lot of different yarn than my normal LYS. They are very friendly and helpful. I was touching (carressing) a some Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool and the shop owner showed my some lovely gloves she had knit with them. I never would have imagined the yarn as gloves, but they were lovely. One skein makes a pair. I got one skein for me and one to make mom a pair. I also got some Austerman sock yarn to make Joe some more socks.

Other Stuff:

We celebrated two important birthday's this week. Abbey was 7 and Tiffany was 21.
Tiffany was 21 on the 21st so her friends put a note in the classified section of the paper -fun!

Somehow these birthdays seem to turn into week long "events" at our house.
The next family birthday is Destiny!

Have a safe week.


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